Our Service Technician is Husqvarna Viking Certified, but we service ALL BRANDS, makes and models of sewing machines, vintage or new. You may drop your machine off at any time during store hours. No appointment is necessary. 

For Annual Service, please bring the following: 

•Sewing Machine

•Foot Pedal
•Power Cord
•Regular, all purpose zizag sewing foot (not the ¼” foot)
•Bobbin case


•Samples of stitching problems, if available.
•Bring in the fabric and thread you were working on when the problem was encountered.
•Your description of issues and problems

 Embroidery Stitch Out Problems: 

•Bring the unit in with the sewing machine when you are having embroidery issues. Also bring:
•Darning Foot
•Embroidery bobbin case
•Thread you are using and needle
•Samples of embroidery showing the problems

 Do NOT Bring: 

•Owner’s manual
•Extra accessories/accessory box
•Other feet. Remove ¼” foot, darning foot, walking foot and put on your "A" regular sewing foot.

A cleaning includes:
Removing the machine covers to completely inspect then clean and lubricate the machine, timing and tensions are adjusted as needed. If additional parts or adjustments are needed to get the machine in good working order there may be an extra charge. For urgent sewing situations, a loaner machine may be available.  Always determine how a Service tech will service your machine.  AIR SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR CLEANING.

Machines are serviced on a first-come first served basis. Turn around time is normally one week or less, unless the service department is very busy. If you are coming from a long distance and would like to make an appointment for same-day service, please call well in advance.  If you can drop your machine off before you go on vacation, that is ideal. 

Sewing Machine Service
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About Our Service and Repair Department

Our Service Technician, John Wells and Holt Hossack, are both Husqvarna Viking Certified, but they services ALL BRANDS, makes and models of sewing machines.  He has over 19 years experience. 

Recommended Maintenance Schedule:

Sewing Machines

Used once every week or two: Yearly
Used 3 or more days a week: Every 6-9 Months
Used a few times a year: Every 2 years

Embroidery Modules  

Used once 1-3 times a week: Yearly
Used twice a month or less: Every 2 years


Used several times a week: Yearly
Used a few times a month: Every 2 years
Used a few times a year: Every 3 years
 •Remember to clean the lint from the feed dogs and bobbin case area regularly
•Oil your machine every 8-10 hours sewing time.
•Change sewing needles every 4-6 hours sewing time.
•Always plug your machine into a serge protector with 1000 joules minimum rating.